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Wrecking Balm
Tattoo Removal system

We all make mistakes and getting a tattoo can be one of them! However, help is at hand from Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade, remove the name of that old girlfriend, before the new one finds out!

Wrecking Balm:

"Preval Group, a multi-channel marketing corporation headquartered in Portland, Maine.

Preval the maker of category leading products such as SkinZinc®, Actifade®, and WreckingBalm® holds a strong position in the skin health market.

Wrecking Balm® Tattoo Fade - Removal System is a simple three-step process that takes just 3 minutes every other day, to gradually fade away your tattoo or remove it.

The Wrecking Balm® System combines an FDA-approved dermal device along with chemical exfoliation to safely remove the upper layers of the skin and breakup the tattooed ink pigments".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Wrecking Balm

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Cautionary note: Even with this remarkable stuff, removing a tattoo is a long drawn-out process, so don't get a tattoo on the basis you can get it removed later. It's serious stuff, like a marriage, which can be undone by a divorce!

Sadly the affiliate program has faded, so now this page is bunged up leaving a scar on the website. Let's hope Wrecking Balm will have a new affiliate program soon and then we can adjust this page and put some new links up!