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Himalaya Herbal Healthcare

A fantastic selection of health and well being products from a company dating back to 1930 - Himalaya Herbal Healthcare. Have a look at their selection of herbs and alternative remedies.

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare:

"HimalayaDirect.com® is the online store for herbal products based on Ayurveda, from Himalaya Herbal Healthcare, the world’s premier herbal healthcare company since 1930.

Himalaya is known for its outstanding and effective natural products, which are based on modern medical science in combination with herbs and Ayurveda (The 5000 year old system of medicine based on herbs). Himalaya’s products are endorsed by over 250,000 practitioners worldwide.

HimalayaDirect.com is headquartered in Jersey, Channel Islands, Great Britain and serves all of Europe. We receive more than a million unique visitors at our web site each month, and have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers of our Ayurvedic and Herbal products across Europe.

Users can choose from a variety of Herbal products in different categories like Health care, Skin care, Baby care, Hair care. Some of which are top selling brands with high awareness like:

- Liv.52 – produced for over 50 years as the solution for Liver disorders,

- Rumalaya Forte Tablets & Gel – provides relief from Joint Pains & Arthritis, and

- AyurSlim – a Natural Slimming Solution.

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Himalaya Herbal Healthcare

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