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Dr Office Jobs

Post vacancies for your practice on Dr Office Jobs. The rewards can be high, but the cost is not!

Dr Office Jobs:

"DrOfficeJobs.com was launched October 2007 in hopes of providing a high-quality yet affordable alternative for the small and medium-sized practitioners to place job ads, search resumes and obtain qualified professionals for their team.

The founders of this website were previously affiliated with the healthcare industry for several years. During that time, a complaint would often surface among practitioners regarding the high cost of posting jobs online to fill job vacancies within their office.

They were often asking if we knew of any 'good' alternatives to the big and general job boards that were so prevalent. These doctors knew that online exposure was the way to go, but the fact remained — the high cost was always difficult to swallow.

DrOfficeJobs.com will always remember these practitioners and their offices as our target audience — our specialized niche! We are confident in our business plans to keep prices low throughout our existence.

The paid advertisements seen throughout our website strengthen our abilities to control costs as well".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Dr Office Jobs

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