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Astronomy Hotels

International list

COAA (was http://www.ip.pt/coaa/index.htm) - International hotel in the Algarve for observational astronomers

Fieldview - astronomy hotel in the UK - was http://www.fieldview.uklinux.net

Spaceguard Centre (Powys, Cymru/Wales) more about this at the Asteroids and other items in space colliding with the earth page - was http://www.spaceguarduk.com/centre.htm

The Skywatcher's Inn in Arizona, U.S.A. (was http://www.communiverse.com/skywatcher/)

Los Sauces Astronomy Holidays, Photography Holidays, Activity Holidays Based in Andalucia Spain

Astronomy Vacations - was http://astronomyvacations.com

Solar Eclipse 2002Solar Eclipse.co.za

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