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Your Website Stuff

When you are having your website made, you need to have your Stuff on it!

How to get your own website even if you don't know how to create html webstuff.

You know how it is: You run your own business, but you don't know about building a website, so you get some techie person in to build your website. But the trouble is, when they've built your website, it's not very good, because it doesn't have much on it about your business! Shucks! How could that happen?!

Often I have seen this happen. A small business has good trade on the go and there's a lot to be said about it, but when they actually get a website it's almost generic, without character, and certainly without much information of relevance to the business. How could it happen though?

Why it Happens:

It's a mistake of incorrect job demarcation, essentially. The problem is the business proprietor commissions a webmaster to make a website, but they each assume it's each-other's job to write the shpiel! The boss of the business knows all about the business, and guesses the website constructor will somehow be able to write about it despite not knowing about it. Imagine phoning up a sculptor and saying "I'd like to commission you to construct a statue of me", and when the sculptor asks to see the person so they can get an idea what they look like, they are told to just get on with the sculpting. As you might guess, the finished statue would be at the very least an "artist's impression" of the person, but wouldn't necessarily look very much like them.

What happens with the website craftor is very similar to this, and the business proprietor is often somewhat dismayed to find their website is a bit scant on actual detail and doesn't really say anything much to the customers who are going to be reading it.

There is a Solution

Now here's a solution for you, if you have a business, and you want a decent website, but you can't do all the computer website stuff yourself. It may seem a bit odd, as I am going to explain how you can put some stuff on your computer, but I assure you, you are not being expected to do anything particularly "computerish". In a way I'm suggesting the web-crafting equivalent of drawing a sketch of a building and then sending it to an architect to have it properly drawn up, or sending a sculptor a photo of yourself so you can have your statue crafted, or sending some scribblings about your life to a writer so you can have your biography penned, or keyboarded!

What to Do:

1. On your own computer, create a new folder called "website".

2. Inside that folder, create a text file (.txt) called "index", and type into it the stuff you'd like to have on your front page of your website.

3. Again in the same folder, create various other text files, called whatever you like, and on each one write about things to do with your company (or whatever else it is you want a website made about).

4. In each of the text files, when you mention things about other things, put some kind of symbol around the item to refer to the other item.

5. Take some photos that are relevant to the business and include them in another folder that's easy to get at.

Now what happens is you have a sketch of your website, and when you find a techie person to make the actual website, you'll be able to give them the folder full of text files and the folder of pictures and say "Can you please make me a website out of all this stuff?". What happens then is the completed website will have each text file turned into an actual page of webstuff, and pictures shrunk down to appropriate sizes and inserted in the right places. You can expect a techie to be able to do this, but you can't expect them to write about your business without any clues.

There is more about How to Get a Website, but essentially the problem of "The Content" is resolved on this page.