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International Money Transfer

iKobo is described as "The Fastest Growing Money Transfer Company". iKobo money transfer iKobo is a method of transferring money internationally. "iKobo enables you to send funds more conveniently, securely and faster than other money transfer methods".

To send money across the world by iKobo, here's how it's done:

1. You start the money transfer using your debit / credit card.

2. iKobo sends the person receiving the money an i-Kard (Visa Electron Card) by airmail!iKobo money transfer

3. The person receiving the money goes to any Visa Plus ATM to withdraw the cash, or uses it to purchase from any Visa merchant worldwide. The i-Kard is re-usable. Once the person has an i-Kard, they can receive money from anyone, anywhere in the world - in less than 30 seconds. The recipient can receive money from any of over 800,000 ATMs in 170 countries.

iKobo money transferiKobo is especially recommended for sending money to such countries as India and the Philippines, and is a way people can be in touch financially with their family.

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