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How To Save Money

This write-up is about various methods of Saving Money, ie avoiding spending money unnecessarily. To a lesser extent it's about Saving Money in the sense of saving-up money, collecting and stashing away money so you have a lot of it, but this latter concept is often a consequence of the former.

Being mean and stingy with money is an art and a virtue, and is often misquoted. The moral is: Be mean about money but be generous to people.

In contrast to that spendthrift Scrooge I have found that there is no need to squander money on various things, and I have included here a few items which may be of interest:

More money-saving ideas on here later. [response]

Money saved can be saved up and stored in a bank account. It's a good idea to shop around to get the best interest rate on your savings account. See Banks and Finance. However, if you take an old-fashioned approach, there's the Bank of Mattress

You could always try Mvelopes to help with your budgeting! Also see balancing your budget

Check to see if you've had an unexpected windfall at Cash Unclaimed (you might be lucky).

Also see Saving Money as in "to save up" and to result in not being skint all the time. See How to get Out of Debt

Don't waste stuff! Don't throw things away! Be a Hoarder !