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Vanquis Gold Credit Card

Vanquis Gold Credit Card

Would you like a piece of gold in your wallet? If the answer is yes, make it a Vanquis Gold Credit Card. Join the Gold Card club. Or at least you could have done. This has now become history, and you can't get the Vanquis Gold Credit Card anymore. Vanquis have changed their cards and amalgamated them into one card which is the Vanquis Visa Card

The following is historical material by Vanquis from the days when the Vanquis Gold Credit Card was still on the go:

Vanquis Gold Credit Card:

"The credit card you know you deserve.

You've had credit before and know you deserve a credit card with a good APR, but a major lender has just turned you down. Why?

Well, you don't necessarily have to have done anything wrong to have trouble getting credit these days. Sometimes it’s something as simple as the fact you've recently moved home. Or maybe you're self-employed or a contractor and your income is unpredictable. Even if you're a tenant rather than a homeowner, you could still have trouble getting credit.

Because you want a credit card that sees you as an individual, choose the Vanquis Visa card. Apply online now for an initial credit limit of up to £2,000.

All of our Visa cards come with these great benefits:

The page ended with a summary that if you wanted to apply for the Vanquis Gold Card you could link to the place. This has now been replaced with a link to the updated Vanquis Visa Card!

Link here for the Vanquis Visa Credit Card

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