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Vanquis Visa Card

It's all change once more at Vanquis. They now bring you the Vanquis Visa Card. Have a read of their new details below.

Vanquis Visa Card:

"Available to people who have had CCJs (now cleared) or credit problems in the past.

Credit limit designed to suit your personal needs.

- Vanquis considers every application on its own merits, so we encourage you to apply even if you have had credit problems in the past.

- No annual fee

- Up to 56 days interest free on purchasesVanquis Visa Card

- Free additional cardholder

- Free fraud monitoring - we'll warn you of any suspicious activity on your account

- Chip & PIN technology for added security whenever you use your card

- Visa is widely accepted in the UK and abroad

- Convenient for paying online and over the phone"

If you have been tempted by this, the link is supposed to be here:

Make sure you read the credit/loan warnings below, and understand what you're agreeing to!

Vanquis Visa Card

http://www.vanquis.co.uk/ affiliate program is with OMG UK

This page at Zyra's affiliate website was in the process of being updated, but at the time of publishing Issue129, the links were still not reactivated despite considerable work having been done to this page and to other pages about Vanquis and their historical credit cards.

Watch this space! There may be another update soon, who knows?

Now about the interest rate on the Vanquis Visa Card. Yes, it is high. How high? Well, in June 2009 it was 39.9% which is almost 40% (forty percent). Of course you should know already that if you borrow money you will have to pay it back, but on the Vanquis Credit Card, if you borrow money for a year, you'll be expected to pay back approximately 1.4 times as much as you borrowed in the first place. However, this is still better than some of the less reputable ways of lending and borrowing money. Vanquis is at least a reputable bank, and so even if you sign up to borrow money and pay back at a high interest rate, you'll still keep your kneecaps.

Vanquis Bank is known for being able to lend money to people whose credit rating is imperfect. They're less scaredycat than some of the more fusspot banks. If you think you can borrow money from somewhere with a better interest rate, it's up to you to shop around credit card companies and see if anyone else will lend you money. Having a credit card, or any type of debit/payment card, is very handy for buying stuff online. You just have to be sensible, though.

It is up to you what you sign up to, and if you agree to something then you should stick to it. It's like when you see people playing Deal or No Deal on TV, and they are offered a "Deal or No Deal?", and they make a decision and give their word, then their decision has consequences in the amount of money they have on the table, and their remaining options. There's no point in them saying "That's not fair; I really meant the other choice" etc.

The warning is stated again: DON'T BORROW MORE THAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO PAY BACK. Getting money on a Vanquis Visa Card should be considered to be a temporary stopgap measure to tide you over, not a way of getting money for nowt. So, when they say at Vanquis that they've helped over 400,000 people, you should realise they're not a charity. In effect, Vanquis have helped people by lending them money for a short period so they weren't in shtuck. For example, if you get a final demand for the electricity bill but you don't have the cash up front to pay it, then rather than being cut off and sitting there in the dark until your next payday, it's better to put it on a credit card AND THEN REMEMBER TO PAY OFF THE CARD WHEN YOU NEXT GET PAID!

The links on this page went to http://track.omguk.com/?PID=3228&AID=677&CID=106243&MID=3191&WID=1781 and I intend to restore them if Vanquis Bank can make an agreeable decision about their affiliate program! In case you're wondering, The FSA are quite happy about the way financial things are bandied-about at Zyra's website.

Extra note: The customer services number of Vanquis in 2010 turned out to be an expensive 0871 number. So no, that makes it a complete no-no. I suggest that to save trees, you phone Vanquis on 01634 816312 and ask them to stop sending you any more bumf. Then you recycle the bumf in the recycling dustbin.

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