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American Express

The well-known credit card American Express seems to have a few problems with acceptance of the new diversity of the world and has rejected this site for their US affiliate program because the site has some gambling links on it (not surprising for a website which has thousands of pages), and because the webmaster's house is not in the United States. (See Regional Discrimination) and a few other problems. However, better hopes were on American Express Australia, who at first seemed to be doing the right thing with an apparently worthwhile affiliate program. In my opinion such hopes were unfounded as it was shown to be a waste of time and resources. Effort would have been better spent creating a page about gerbils than about American Express Australia

Or if you still wish to have a look at American Express credit card, you can have a look at this page at Xyroth Enterprises: American Express

You can also a range of American Express products at their page featured at STAMP DEMON: American Express

UPDATE: Things are moving forward as we've now been approved for American Express Travel Insurance