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BarclaycardBarclaycardCREDIT CARD COMPARISON

Here is a page dedicated to the sites which list different credit cards and compare them. This page has had to be split from the credit cards page because there were gettingBarclaycard to be so many credit card comparison sites listed as part of the credit cards page! We like to be fair to everyone, so now these places have a separate page, almost as if the credit cards page had its own reciprocal links page!Goldfish Credit Card

Sites that compare credit cards include...

Credit Cards - Zyra's own page which helpfully lists some useful credit cards and stuff about them.marbles

A-Z Credit Cards List
Your complete list of credit, debit and store cards available in the UK

Uk Credit Cards.co.uk
Nice collection of credit links (USA and UK).
The Link is no longer found!

http://lowest-loans-and-mortgages.com (have apparently ceased linking to us!) - for further choice,MORE THAN - Credit Credit

Credit Card Expert – UK Credit Card guide
Compare UK Credit Cards, apply online for visa and mastercard, applications for the best low rate credit cards.
Cardservice International

CreditMarket.co.uk - Credit cards, loans, mortgages and insurance from creditmarket.co.uk. Consolidate debt, arrange a mortgage or insure your car online

www.british-credit-cards.co.ukLloyds TSB

www.creditsmart.co.uk - gone?

Global Merchant.org - accept credit cards online! - reciprocal link lost!


- "Clean Up My Credit Report" (gone)

Credit Yeti www.credityeti.co.uk - Compare hundreds of UK credit cards at this personal finance site - link to the main site was found to have disappeared 2006/05/07

Credit Card King - was www.creditcardking.co.uk - "a free-to-use UK website that allows people to compare the best UK credit cards and save themselves a bit of money in the process!"

www.creditcards.co.uk - "UK Credit Cards: Compare & Save"

Plus, there's also the option of NOT HAVING A CREDIT CARD. This option does not necessarily imply you are broke, but instead implies you are so amazingly wealthy that you never need to borrow money and can just wave the cash about when buying anything. However, there are a few things, for example car hire in Kefalonia, where a credit card is required and cash won't do. This is so that if you wreck the car, the car hire company can extract the damage money from you even after you've gone back home from your holiday!