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SmartMoney Select
"The Map of the Market"

The old page reads: "SmartMoney Select is currently offering a 2-week free trial offer. Here's some more information from where the Smart Money is: "SmartMoney Select is a subscription-based Web site from SmartMoney.com offering exclusive market commentary and award-winning investing tools. Thousands of people use SmartMoney Select to research, monitor, and profit from the financial markets.

SmartMoney Select is a joint venture of The Hearst Corporation and Dow Jones & Company. You'll gain access to our most innovative investing tools yet. SmartMoney Select is power — the power to see clearly through the chaos on Wall Street.

And besides, it's risk free: Sign up now for a two-week FREE trial.

Stay ahead of the curve with SmartMoney's best and brightest: Pulitzer Prize-winner James B. Stewart, bargain hunters Robert Hunter, investment pros Jonathan Hoenig and Donald Luskin, and stock screener Cintra Scott.

Find investments others overlook by using the power of your computer to sift through more than 7,000 stocks. Devise your own formulas (we've got over 100 data fields to choose from). Or run a proprietary SmartMoney Screen. Ferret out everything from deep value to red hot momentum stocks".

...in fact there is a lot more to be said, about Maps of the Markets, intuitive risk analysis investment tools, mutual fund comparisons, portfolio management, trends, loads of in-detail stuff which is gone into at the actual SmartMoney Select website. So have a look on the site and see what you think!

Now, here is the offer from SmartMoney Select...

"Interested? Try all of the above RISK FREE. Sign up now for a FREE 2-week trial. We'll take your credit-card information, but you will NOT be charged if you unsubscribe before your 2-week trial is up. An email will be sent to you 3 days before expiration of the free trial to remind you that you will be charged if you do not unsubscribe."

So the bottom-line is: It's free for two weeks and if you decide to continue it'll cost you US $49 annual subscription, which is 13 cents a day".Free 2-week trial!

Update 2004/06: This page was originally made as part of the affiliate program with Commission Junction, but this has now been discontinued (old link page). Therefore this page has had to be bunged up. As far as I know Smart Money Select is still thriving in business, so if you'd like to visit there you are welcome to type in the URL http://www.smartmoneyselect.com and give it a try. If you happen to hear where Smart Money Select's new affiliate program is I'd be keen to know so this page can be linked back up again. Always good for business here! Meanwhile, other useful pages here are: Publications, Finance, and Forbes Magazine