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You ought to write a will, so that everyone knows, what you are leaving to who. You don't want the wrong people getting your pennies after you have gone. Visit Wills.org.uk and get them to write yours.


"Wills.org.uk allows users to write their own fully legal Will online.

Our legal team has devised all the questions they need to answer to make a fully legal Will, without the hassle of using third parties such as a solicitor. Writing your Will has never been easier or more affordable than with Wills.org.uk.

Our Wills are covered by £2.5million Professional Indemnity Insurance and are written by a Professional UK Will Writer who is a Member of the Society of Will Writers.

At Wills.org.uk we provide you with a quality product that will give you peace of mind for you and your family as well as excellent value for money. This is not an automated service - Every Will is written by a Professional Will Writer!

Pricing includes printing, binding & postage - no hidden fees.

Wills.org.uk is for residents of England & Wales only".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


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