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My Lawyer

My Lawyer

A new kind of law firm

Legal advice and legal documentation needs to be cheaper, like all things! Visit My Lawyer online and see how they can save you pounds on legal services.

My Lawyer:

"Every year in the UK individuals and businesses spend millions of pounds on having routine legal documents and forms drafted.

Others avoid legal issues altogether because of the high cost of using a solicitor and the inconvenience of visiting a solicitor's office. MyLawyer gives you a third, revolutionary option.

The MyLawyer service is designed to make creating legal documents and getting legal advice as simple, easy and cost effective as possible.

Whether you're an individual looking to protect your family's future with a Will, a landlord wanting to know your rights or a small business just starting up, MyLawyer is here to point you in the right direction and make sure you get the best legal document and advice to suit your needs.

MyLawyer is brought to you by Epoq Legal, which has been providing online legal document services since 1998".

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My Lawyer

http://www.mylawyer.co.uk/law/ affiliate program was with Affiliate Future. Sadly, the program has now finished and the page has had to be Bunged Up. In the meantime, for alternatives please visit our Legal Matters page.

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