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Clean Slate Mortgages

If you have credit problems or are self employed, get a quote for a mortgage from Clean Slate Mortgages. They are there to help you find the best deal.

Clean Slate Mortgages:

"Clean Slate Mortgages provides mortgage advice, information and quotes for people with credit problems via a network of qualified mortgage brokers throughout the UK.

We can help people with credit problems (such as CCJs, late payments, mortgage arrears, etc) as well as people who are self-employed and therefore are unable to prove their income.

It is estimated that mortgage arrears, bad debts, credit problems, and CCJs will mean that one in four people will find it difficult to obtain a mortgage or remortgage from a traditional high-street lender.

Clean Slate Mortgages aims to help these people find a suitable mortgage or remortgage by putting them in touch with one of our specialist mortgage consultants who have access to a range of mortgage products designed for people with credit problems".

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Clean Slate Mortgages

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