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Countrywide Bank

Countrywide Bank

US financial wizards Countrywide Financial Corporation, bring you CDs and savings products from their Countrywide Bank. Have a look at their great rates and product portfolio.

Countrywide Bank

Countrywide Bank"Countrywide Bank, N.A., is part of the Countrywide Financial Corporation (NYSE: CFC) family of companies and a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Countrywide Bank was launched on May 17, 2001, following the acquisition of Treasury Bank by CFC. Treasury Bank has been serving customers with competitive rates on deposit products since it was chartered in August 1990.

Unlike most traditional banks, Countrywide Bank focuses on providing customers what they value most - more interest on their accounts. By keeping overhead low, Countrywide Bank is able to pass substantial cost savings on to customers in the form of high rates on CDs and other saving products. Countrywide Bank's unique business model is helping consumers get more for their money.Countrywide Bank

Countrywide Bank customers benefit from the stability, dependability and high-quality customer service upon which Countrywide has built its well-regarded reputation as a diversified financial services provider and a national leader in helping millions of American families realize the dream of homeownership. The company prides itself on giving customers what they truly care about".

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http://bank.countrywide.com affiliate program was with Commission Junction - see old link page. Unfortunately the links have expired and so has the affiliate program, so we've had to bung up this page. There are other banks promoted here, though. Also, who knows? Countrywide Bank may have a new affiliate program soon and then we can get on with promoting them!