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Regency Holdings

If you are running your own business and you are getting into difficulties, don't panic. The folk at Regency Holdings are experts in saving small businesses from going bust! They know about debt, and they know about business, and it is a darn sight better to be in touch with some helpful people like Regency Holdings and stop your company from going down the toilet, than it is to wait for the bailiffs to come along and give it a good flush to help it on its way down. If you're in shtuck, you seriously should get in contact.

Now saving you from going bust isn't free, but it's cheaper than the alternative. However, we are on good terms with these people and if you mention ZYRA put the good word in, you get 5% off. It's surely worth a try! The site to visit is www.capital-advantage.co.uk , and the thing to say is "ZYRA has recommended us!".

As we like to be good for business generally, here is a list of the sites which are part of the same group of companies. They are a diverse set, and that's a good sign of entrepreneurialism:

www.capital-advantage.co.uk - to see about saving your business from going bust. This is the main Regency Holdings site.

Tenable-Solutions.co.uk - Get your business back in gear, and stop repossessions from happening.

www.3rd-eye-gb.co.uk - Unique Business Mentor Web Portal

www.energy-disconnection.co.uk - helps to stop electricity companies from cutting you off!


www.ethical-equity-release-company.co.uk - it's about Equity Release, but done ethically


www.perfection-gb.co.uk - that's a fountain pen company

www.montague-lloyd.com - property business

www.akajones.com - Does that remind you of anyone?

Of course I can't promise any and all of these sites will give you 5% off if you mention ZYRA, but it's worth a try, isn't it! The main thing is the rescue and recovery from debt if you are in financial trouble.

Regency Holdings, but it's not to be confused with Regency Mortgage, although both are in the finance business, but in different ways.

Regency Holdings, in the form of Capital Advantage - Independent Affiliate Program