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Gloss Legal

Gloss Legal

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You should really get yourself a will, to stop your possessions falling into the wrong hands when you've gone. Gloss Legal offer an online service that does just that.

Gloss Legal:

"glossLegal.co.uk is a specialist online Will writing service with all Wills being checked by solicitors who are members of The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.

It is important to use a solicitor and not just an unregulated Will writer. Our unique and bespoke Will writing technology which has been developed by solicitors walks you through the process, and the questionnaire modifies itself depending on your circumstances.

We offer a full telephone and email customer support service and have a clear and transparent pricing structure. We do not provide biased advice, a paid executor service, or probate administration, and have no hidden fees.

70% of the UK population do not have a Will, which on death causes huge problems for their family. If you die without a Will (intestate), your assets (money, property, jewellery, etc) could go to the person you least want to have it, such as an ex-spouse, relative or the taxman".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Gloss Legal

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