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Money in Transit - avoiding going via the USA

In the same way that air travellers are avoiding transit of the USA because of all ridiculous security and ritual humiliation in airports, there is getting to be a similar situation in the financial world. In most of the world, you are free to move your money about how you like, and some countries pride themselves on bank confidentiality. But, according to someone in the know in the world of international banking (2006), if the money happens to be routed via a bank in the United States, it is spied upon and the people's privacy compromised, and hundreds of thousands of payments are stopped, often for no better reason than that the person was named Mohammed, or the word "bin" was in the company name. Sometimes the authorities just KEEP the money. Suspicion is not the same as fact, and someone might be "suspected" if they might be a gambler, or if they might have politics not entirely in keeping with those of the fundamentalist christian ruling class in the USA. Even if what you are doing is legal in the rest of the world, and you are innocent of any crime, the USA might pick on you. So, to avoid the paranoid risk of yourself being extradited and being put into a trial about as fair as that of Saddam Hussein, or locked up in the American concentration camp in Guantanamo Bay, it would be a good idea to have a chat with your bank manager and have it put on your account that you INSIST your money is never transferred or routed via the USA!

The Internet is the International Net, and should be independent of sovereign nations. Each of the sovereign nations has sovereignty over what goes on in their country territories. So, for example, Australia has jurisdiction over things going on in Australia. Australia authorises Lasseters Casino in Alice Springs to operate as a casino. This is legal, and it's no business of the USA to try to impose American law there! An affiliate living in the UK may receive cheques from Lasseters Casino (in US Dollars) and pay them into Barclays Bank in London. That's no business of the American government, and I think they should stay out of other people's business! So, until the US can get its political act sorted out and can live at peace with the rest of the world, I suggest we move our money only through safe havens.

Also see the similar situation with Avoiding Flight Transfer via USA. Innocent people are treated like criminals, not for any good reason, but merely to look tough (see zero tolerance), as in practice it's no more possible to win a war on terrorism is it is to win a war on being disliked! If a government says "we're going to keep on punishing you until you like us" they're setting themselves up to fail.

These unfortunate and embarrassing problems in world politics are temporary, and I believe that the present day situation of the USA being a problem to the rest of the world will pass away. Nazi Germany was a problem to the rest of the world, but it is no more. The people in these regimes aren't to blame. They just get fooled by the political leaders.

It's not the folks' fault. Those friendly people who inhabit the USA, it's not their fault they've got a regime like that. It's not a democracy, you know, not really, any more than the UK is. People don't vote FOR politicians. The situation is a bit like Nazi Germany in the early 1940s. After invading a few other countries, the regime started to become regarded with some suspicion by people. You wouldn't want to your money going through banks in Hitler's country during the war, especially if you were Jewish, or even had a Jewish sounding name.

Meanwhile, most of the world gets on well with most of the world most of the time! Also see Internet Freedom

Also see zero tolerance , and "If you're not with us 100% then you're against us", and do your own research on the state of the US economy. Last time I looked, the people who measure the price of gold and the price of oil etc were considering no longer measuring it in US Dollars as it was becoming such an unstable currency subject to devaluation. In contrast, UK Pounds Sterling was looking more healthy, as was the European Euro. But curiously, one of the most stable currencies in the world was the South African RAND (no, not the Kruger Rand, as that is GOLD). South Africa used to have its troubles, but it is now reforming. With an improving freedom and respect for human rights, the country has a currency which has got an increased stability. Maybe there is a lesson to be learned there!

In the meantime, ask your bank manager about avoiding money transfer taking detours via the USA.

Also see flights avoiding transit of the USA

If you don't like to hear the United States being thought of as a pariah country in the world, please don't write in. Instead, lobby the politicians to try to change the way the USA behaves. Hopefully diplomacy can be achieved and at some time in the future the USA will be able to live happily alongside the 96% of the population which is The Rest of The World.