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How to cope with various disasters and doom

Here at Zyra's website there have been a few pages of advice about how to avoid various problems and how to survive some things which some people don't survive. However, this has now got this central page to connect them up.

Save Yourself from Cold *

Carbon Monoxide *

Water Cut - what to do if there's an outage of water supply *

Cistern *

Unexpected Problems in Power Cuts

Climate Change

Volcano Insurance

Tsunami Insurance

In the Survival category, anything to do with Bear Grylls is worth having a look into.

Survival ideas fit with the natural instincts, but these things have often been subverted or sidelined by The Establishment trying to produce a docile race of people who can be more easily managed like battery chickens.

To survive the oncoming disaster, whatever it happens to be, you need to have ideas which don't rely on normal society for survival on a day-to-day basis. ("A society is four days away from starvation". Why? Because people have less than four days of supplies in. They just assume supermarkets will always be open). It's better to have a siege-mentality and to have a stockpile of supplies. You also need to be defended.

Another issue with surviving various forms of doom is the fact that in cases of large-scale disaster, the authorities typically behave in a way which is negative. Also, a large percentage of the population tends to panic, and that makes the disaster much worse. It is the knock-on effects of disaster which often make it much worse.

There is a wide range of Doom available from the Doommongers Shop, and some of the types of doom will be explained in more detail here. Some of the types of doom are well-known, and some are often unconsidered. You can see this in the lack of preparedness.

For example:

Some of these are going to be written about some more here, with a separate category of DOOM. In the meantime, here are a few personal survival things...

Canned Bread - Bread in Cans

Also, long-life milk!

Best Before Dates - for guidance not for obeying

Ready Project - including food which will keep for 20 years!

Wise Food - long-lasting storage food

Also, more generally, a few basic causes of death and their probability reconsideration:

Shark Attacks

Risk from coconuts

Shallow Water Blackout

Death by being struck by lightning (compared to chance of winning the Lottery)

A few other survival-related things:

An unorthodox form of economy heating

Travel Checklist - which also has insights into survival

Outdoor - survival gear, even if it's used indoors

Hoarders and Clutterers

Estate Agents International - survivalists get a mention

Libertarian stuff

And a few things to do with Death:

Friendly Wills

Write Your Own WILL

Life Insurance

Golden Charter

Cryonics and Resurrection

Other notes on survival:

Whatever disaster occurs, people will not be as well-prepared for it as they wish they'd been. Also, a lot of people won't survive it. However, a few will. This isn't purely luck. If you know a few things about survival, your own chance of survival is increased.