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The Ready Project

The Ready Project

Live Life Ready

Be prepared when you go on your outdoor adventures and stock up in the home. You never know when the weather might change for the worst, so get online to The Ready Project and get your supplies stocked up.

The Ready Project:

"The Ready Project specializes in emergency preparedness, both at home and in the outdoors.

Founded in 2007, in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains, The Ready Project is taking an aggressive approach to preparedness. We help our customers acquire the necessary supplies to live with peace of mind, knowing they are always ready for the unexpected.

Our mission is to leave no home or community unprepared by providing superior emergency products at affordable prices.

The Ready Project offers some of the best survival, emergency preparedness, and outdoor products on the market including: food storage, survival kits & gear, rescue supplies, camping & hiking gear, clothing, and many different accessories.

Our flagship food storage product line is called Lindon Farms™, which features the largest variety of delicious just-add-water meals in the industry.

With the finest quality ingredients blended in the most delicious recipes on the market, we've done all the work for you – you just add water and serve! Our recipes have been award-winning family favorites in the retail market for over 20 years.

And, with a full 2000 calories/day, Lindon Farms can be your stand-along-food storage solution. Lindon Farms™ is great to keep on hand in case of an emergency — earthquake, flood etc. — but can also be used for family economic difficulties, camping, hunting, fishing, and even daily meals.

Our goal is to make food storage easy, with Lindon Farms™, each meal can be stored for up to 20 years".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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If you want to order several years' supplies of food so you can survive a Nuclear Winter or other oncoming disaster, you are welcome to order via this page.

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