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It's a good name, near the beginning of the alphabetical list, short, easy to remember, and with a hint at words that mean "LIFE" in various languages. So, you can probably see some of the reasons why a famous insurance company renamed themselves AVIVA. However there are other people whose name is Aviva, some people, some companies, and a few devices. Here's a list...

AVIVA - Insurance company. Worldwide presence, with their roots in history as The Norwich Union, but that was a while ago.

Aviva - actress

Aviva.ca - Health food shop in Canada

Aviva-sa - Volunteering in South Africa

Aviva Directory - a web directory. Incidentally, they have an independent affiliate program.

Aviva Test Strips - by Accu-Chek - blood testing kit for checking glucose in diabetes. From what I've seen, they're a very generous company!

Aviva Pool Toys - pool inflatables, plus a novel device consisting of a remote-controlled boat which catches fish.

Aviva Family - a good cause - building brighter futures
for vulnerable children and their families

Aviva Afghans - They're not trying to save the Afghans from being invaded because it's a bit late for that. They are enthusiasts of Afghan Hounds in Australia

Aviva Yerba Maté - Herbal tea

Aviva Shower - see bathroom equipment

Aviva Solutions - Host Access - but is it Linux compatible?!

Baxter AVIVA Container System - drip-feed system as used in hospital

Aviva Systems Biology - Polyclonal Antibodies to more than 2400 proteins

Aviva Stadium - A football stadium in Ireland, sponsored by Aviva (insurance)

A Viva Espana - even in the lyrics of a song it was "Y Viva España" which translates approximately as "and long live Spain!". Note: Don't say "¡Viva España!" in Barcelona (Catalonia), because it's like shouting the football chant "Eng-er-land!" in Glasgow.

A Viva - reference to any specific one of a particular type of car - a Vauxhall Viva


Are you also AVIVA? If so, how about getting a mention on the list here? Or do you know of any more Aviva enterprises or organisations? e-mail here