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You'll be smiling when you know that Norwich Union Direct will also insure your home and its contents...

"Come to the home of home insurance, Norwich Union, for wide cover for your home and your possessions. If you have 5 years of no claims, you can get 30% off when you buy buildings and contents insurance.

Being covered by one of the UK’s leading insurer’s means you’re in expert hands. Our wide cover helps to give you peace of mind.

We understand your home and its contents are precious to you. Our buildings and contents insurance will help to take care of your prized possessions without breaking the bank.

Our combined buildings and contents policy covers you for a wide range of incidents such as theft and loss, or damage caused by flood, storm, lightning, fire and subsidence, as well as damage to services. We also include property owners’ liability cover.

Our cover includes replacing goods on a ’new for old’ basis for most items (except clothes and linen). If you accidentally damage your TV, video, audio and audio-visual equipment, or your home computer, it will be covered.

With NUD home insurance, you can also opt for our Legal Services cover to help you pay legal fees in a wide range of situations, from consumer disputes to personal residence disputes to personal injury (including medical negligence).

We just make it easier.

Apply now and get up to 15% online discount".

In April 2007 Norwich Union had a new special offer, probably for a limited period, in which they would give you £60 (sixty pounds Sterling) under certain circumstances. The offer was "If we can't beat your home insurance premium, we'll give you £60 cashback if you switch your buildings and contents insurance to us!". It's a curious point, but what if Norwich Union COULD beat your home insurance premium? You might want to switch your home insurance to Norwich Union anyway, even if you didn't get the £60. I am not sure how long the offer stands, so I suggest you have a closer look at the Norwich Union via the link below to see for yourself.

Also, there was an interestingly thought-provoking comment by the Norwich Union in which they posed the question "Ever lost your keys?", which is a good point because at some time you may have lost your house keys and had to break into your own house! This may have been easier than you'd previously thought, suggesting perhaps better security might be a good idea. However, Norwich Union also offered at the time "up to £500 to replace your locks". A good offer in fact, and also I felt there was an inferred notion that by having your lock replacement covered you might save yourself from risking a physical accident during your attempted re-entry into your building!

Although such interesting temporary special deals being offered by Norwich Union may be tempting, we are in business for the long term and Norwich Union are a long-standing reliable insurance company who have been around for a long time. You are welcome to have a closer look at Norwich Union (home insurance) via the link coming up here:

AVIVA Home Insurance

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The details on this page were correct at the time of publishing, but that was a while ago. However, the good news is there's a NEW PAGE about Aviva Home Insurance! Things change as time goes on, and the affiliate program went through what we consider here to have been a "bad patch" when it was with Platform A, (during which time it was corked) but now that's over, and Buy.at has become The New Buy.at which is part of the Digital Window Group.

The affiliate program survived for a while at old Buy.at, although the number of programs dwindled down to only two out of the original eleven. Unfortunately after Buy.at was taken over by AOL there were problems, not with Norwich Union / Aviva, but with Platform A / Buy.at and their contract. Thankfully that is all gone, done and dusted, and a fresh start is made now that the whole Buy.at show has been taken over by Digital Window!

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