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Whatever happened to the affiliate program of Aviva / Norwich Union ?!

The story as seen from the perspective of an affiliate

Ever since the 7th of August 2005, there have been pages at Zyra's website about Norwich Union, the company that later became Aviva. For most of the time, the affiliate program was with OMG, and it was considered such a good idea to feature the company well, that a whole set of pages were created here. It's a bit like the pages about The Post Office, where there's a separate page for each of the aspects, each of the lines of business, etc.

Although Norwich Union were a bit fussy at times about the banners and the ever-changing offers, it was generally understood that Zyra's website is an independent website where the material is often an opinion of the writer rather than simply being copy sent for a print-run by the company. This is The Distinction Between Merchant Content and Affiliate Content. Anyway, the Norwich Union feature existed as a set of pages which did very well, for a long time. It was a good arrangement, and looked as if it would be here to stay.Norwich Union

Then in February 2009, the affiliate program was moved to Buy.at (which by then had been taken over by AOL). In March 2009, with only two of the original eleven pages about Norwich Union still active here, Platform A's Buy.at tried to impose a new contract on all affiliates. I refused to sign.

The point about all this is that these pages which have been so good for business for Aviva / Norwich Union for so many years are now corked, and it's not the fault of Aviva, Norwich Union, or OMG. In my opinion, Platform A / AOL / Buy.at were to blame. They've tried to impose a contract on affiliates and failed to resolve issues within the contract.

Our friends at Aviva / Norwich Union have tried to help, offering support and services, and trying to resolve the issues, but Buy.at have refused to accept help.

Of course what should happen is that Aviva / Norwich Union could set up an alternative affiliate program (with one or more of these companies) and continue to accept affiliates on their own merits. I'd be happy to continue to be good for business! Many other affiliates would too! It seems that the only stumbling-block on any of this was Buy.at , who seem to have behaved as if they have some sort of stranglehold on the market. Surely Aviva / Norwich Union is a wise old company and far too astute in business to be fooled into any exclusive deal (an exclusive deal can become an abusive deal).

It was hoped for a considerable while that this would all be sorted out, so we could get back to being good for business as before. Zyra's website is a somewhat anarchic resource, but it curiously does quite well in the insurance business, and when checked in March 2009 on a Google.co.uk search for "insurance companies" it was on the first page of results. Well, the insurance companies page was, and that's what matters when you're trying to attract business for an insurance company.

I say Well Done to those helpful people at Aviva / Norwich Union who have tried to help to get some good diplomacy and a good agreement regarding the future of the affiliate program, though scant good it has done versus the problems at Buy.atAviva Insurance

This page exists to point out in no uncertain terms that the problem is not the fault of Norwich Union, Aviva, or any of their company interests. They've tried their best, and it's a shame we are left with the pages corked with no affiliate links.

However, as time went on, the feelings about AOL / Platform A / Buy.at seem to have been taken heed of, and after a year of problems, Buy.at was Bought.out by Affiliate Window! After that, things were quite quickly sorted out, and so now we are back promoting AVIVA again, and this should continue for years!

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