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Nationwide Home Insurance

Insure your property with Nationwide. Below are ten very good reasons why you should get your house covered with them.

Nationwide Home Insurance:

"Here are 10 great reasons why Nationwide Home Insurance is better than standard......

- No extra charge for monthly payments - we won't charge you for the convenience of paying in instalments.

- Temporary accommodation - if your home is damaged and you have to move out, we'll put a roof over your head.

- Fridge / Freezer cover up to £500 - you won't go hungry if you lose the contents of your fridge or freezer due to malfunction or power cut.

- Replacement locks and keys - you're automatically covered for up to £500 for the cost of replacing locks and keys to your home

-Increased cover for birthdays, weddings and religious festivals - we'll increase your contents sum insured by 10% for the 30 days before and after the event - you've enough to worry about already!

- MP3 Player & music downloads - other insurers will cover the cost of a replacement MP3 player, but we'll even cover the music you've paid for and downloaded (subject to certain conditions). How's that for music to your ears?

- Cover on the move - moving home? Feeling stressed about the process. We can help reduce the burden - our policy automatically covers your belongings during the move.

- Student accommodation cover - if your son or daughter is away at college or university, our home insurance also covers their contents in student digs - one less cost to worry about.

- Cover for cash - it's not just material goods that we cover, we also cover personal money kept in your home, up to the value of £500.

- 24 hour helplines - you'll get access to our medical, legal, tax and counselling helplines 24hrs a day".

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