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Bradford and Bingley

Cover your home with Mr Bradford and Mr Bingley. You get a fantastic online discount with Bradford and Bingley Home Insurance.

Bradford and Bingley:

"You could save up to £115* with our Home Insurance as we discount our online prices by 23%.

'Saving time and money, I like the sound of that':

If you switch to your Home Insurance to us, you could save up to 36%* You'll also save a whole lot of effort too. By searching our panel of leading insurers, we make it easy to find a policy that's tailored to your needs.

*In July 2007, independent online research performed by Consumer Intelligence against 30 insurers showed that 10% of consumers achieve this saving with our Home Insurance.

Reasons to choose us for your Home Insurance:

- 365 day, 24 hour home emergency service for those unforeseen incidents

- Discounts for security, combined cover and no claims

- Optional extras such as KeyCover and Family Legal Protection".

If you have been tempted by this, here was the link:

The Link Was Here To Go To The Place!

Bradford and Bingley

www.bradford-bingley.co.uk affiliate program was with BUY AT but has now gone (bunged)

It's true that both "Bradford" and "Bingley" (represented by fellows in bowler hats) have been around since 1851, and they've always been reliable, and as equitable and permanent as the markets would allow. Even when the credit crunch occurred, in 2008, the company was saved and has continued in business. If you're wondering why this page is corked, it's nothing wrong with Bradford and Bingley. We're happy to promote them here; it's just a problem with the (old) affiliate program. You can blame Buy.at if you like, as it's Buy.at's contract (their old contract) that resulted in the problem. If Bradford and Bingley started having an affiliate program with one or more of the other affiliate marketing companies, it would be great! (Please let us know if that happens). In the meantime, customers may visit the Bradford and Bingley website which is www.bradford-bingley.co.uk , plus there are other finance, savings account, and insurance company contacts mentioned on here.

Update: After a year, Buy.at was acquired by Affiliate Window and that solved the problem! Well done to Affiliate Window! Buy.at's contract was subsequently improved and we are now on good terms with the folk there.

I wonder where the affiliate program of Bradford and Bingley is now.