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Sky Falling

Sky TV - their affiliate program

Whereas The Sky is unlikely to be falling, Sky TV could fall. They might overstretch themselves in their attempts to have a total monopoly of all Satellite TV. If this happened, some people would regard this as an improvement, as the satellite TV market needs to be a free market!

Sky may be getting too big for their boots. You can see signs of this in their attitude to affiliates. I was happy to include an affiliate link to Sky TV even though I am not fond of them, but they decided to kick this site off their affiliate program. I can't help feeling that my comments about Sky Digiboxes were something to do with this! Of course none of this will still stop the affiliate making comment about the place. It's not that easy to silence free speech, as the Revolution in Tunisia has shown.

Of course Sky TV will be welcomed back to this site if they start being sensible.

In the meantime, we are recommending Freeview, Alternative Satellite TV and other forms of Satellite and Cable TV, and for Broadband BT Broadband (Infinity). It is anyone's prerogative to miss out and Sky have exercised that right. It's their folly.

Sky TV's stranglehold on the UK satellite TV market has suffered a setback! A Portsmouth landlady has won in the European Courts, which ruled that Sky TV does not have a right to impose a monopoly, and that there will have to be fair competition with Greek Satellite TV networks, etc. More about this at www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-12355022 and www.portsmouth.co.uk/lifestyle/tn2-saturday/tv-a-look-back/landlady_given_boost_in_battle_with_sky_tv_over_broadcasting_live_football_1_2374609

In the UK, I heard that when Sky TV put the prices up, Virgin Media refused to pay. Well Done to Virgin Media!

Sky TV's shares started to plummet when there was a huge scandal with related Tabloid newspapers being found to have cheated big-time in meddling with people's private phone messages. This might, or might not, be a sign that the whole empire might be going to collapse into dust.