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Easy Piso

Flat share searching can be hard work, but hopefully no more! Visit Easy Piso and hopefully you'll be able to find somewhere, there are 30 countries to choose from.

In Spanish and English...

Easy Piso:

"EasyPiso es un sitio de servicio especializado en anuncios de pisos compartidos. Ponemos en relación a las personas que ofrecen un piso con las personas que buscan compartir uno.

Somos el líder mundial de búsqueda de pisos compartidos en Internet, presente en 30 países como Estados Unidos, Canada, Australia, Francia, Inglaterra, Italia… En España estamos teniendo un gran éxito con más de 30000 anuncios disponibles!

EasyPiso is a website specialised in shared flats adverts. We provide a service which brings together those offering a flat to share and people looking for one.

We are the number 1 shared flat search site in the world, with presence in 30 countries like EEUU, Canada, Australia, France, England and Italy.

We have reached a huge success in Spain with over 30.000 shared flat adverts available".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Easy Piso

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