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Property where Business lives

A person lives in a house, but a business lives in an office. To live comfortably, it doesn't need a bed, but it needs tables (desks), and chairs (office chairs), and other things that make it  homely  businesslike. Phones, computers, and all the bits and pieces which you can find in Office Supplies. Meanwhile on this page, here are some helpful contacts for property for business, in the category "offices to let" or "office for rent". Of course you can BUY an office, but that's less common than it might be, as businesses tend not to grow old gracefully!

This page includes virtual offices as well as physical offices. (what's a virtual office?). Also see property agents and business

Office Broker - find an office at most places in the world

Avanta - They'll find the right office space for you

Serviced Let serviced apartments in London, Bristol, Cardiff and Cheltenham, - business accommodation solutions

OFIZ virtual London Offices

Regus UK rent in over 80 UK locations

Easy Offices make it easy to find an Office!

Search Office Space office space solutions for business

MWB Business Exchange serviced offices and meeting rooms in the UK & London

Instant Offices serviced offices around the globe

City Office virtual London Offices
Also see
Virtual Offices reviewed by the managing director of City Office

Phone.com - VoIP and other virtual office things

OfficeNet - Serviced Office Search - office space available to rent ()

Also see business and property

Incidentally, Office.co.uk isn't about offices, as it is Office Shoes, which isn't about shoes to wear in offices, and is instead a shoe company whose name is "Office"