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Save Internet Radio!

Internet Radio is a broadcast medium which is in some ways like Radio. However Radio (also known as wireless telegraphy) uses the "AIR" which is a finite resource, so there are sensible reasons for it to be policed. However, INTERNET RADIO is different, as there is no problem with PIRATE RADIO STATIONS taking up space on the airwaves and interfering with licensed radio stations. The Internet has no such radio-interference problems, so people who had a fancy to set up a pirate radio station could now move to being an Internet radio station, carry on in a swashbuckling style, and yet not be any problem to anyone. Until now (2003/05) that is! There appears to be some kind of government legislation being introduced to clamp down on free speech and to put out of business such people as would set up Internet radio stations. So, it appears to be nothing to do with bandwidth but quite a lot to do with governments having absolute dictatorial control over what people are allowed to say! I have also heard there is something to do with copyright on the music being played, but we could soon test if it's that by checking to see if it's legal to have a TALK RADIO STATION on the Internet. Anyway, here are a few links...