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In the early days of the Space Race, the philosophy of space agencies was to recruit astronauts on the basis of how normal they were, (or at least that's how the rumour persisted). The idea was that if someone is very normal, then they are less likely to have their mind affected by the astoundingness of a trip into space. However, what we now know and at the time suspected, what happens is that if someone is too normal, then if their mind is stretched by mindboggling trips into space, something is likely to SNAP. In contrast, the philosophy of PESCU is that the sort of person best suited to be an astronaut is someone who is not at all normal, in fact someone who is more likely to be NUTTY. The idea is that a mind which is already quite weird can easily stretch to the sort of weirdness to do with spaceflight.

So, PESCU set about having NUTTINESS tests to see primarily if it was possible to test people for their fitness for space travel, ie to see if nuttiness, like IQ, could be measured on a questionnaire type of test.

Another criticism of space exploration organisations in the twentieth century was that they were generally nationalised industries, and as it was found that nationalised industries usually don't make a profit, it was then a good idea to look at the possibilities of PRIVATE ENTERPRISE getting into the space business. It was also felt that space was considered too professionally, and so a more AMATEUR approach should be taken. Besides being more fun, it would also be cheaper, if a bit more risky.

Although it has to be admitted that none of the founder members of PESCU have yet (2000/09) physically got into space, a lot of FUN research has been done and a lot of exploration has occurred. Exploration of the mind, and of Scotland, conceptuality in the world of Computer Science, and of a few other things. Indeed, rocketry has proved less successful than hoped for, many of the launchings being underfunded by a number of orders of magnitude and ending up spectacularly detonating in mid-air, on launch pads, or against people's houses. So, OTHER forms of interplanetary propulsion have been looked into. Some of these have had even more shocking results.

PESCU has always been a chaotic secretive and anti-establishment (dis)organisation, so the list of members is not being put up on here for any paranoid-catchers (who might be spying) to see. However, there are plans to at some point make available publically a Nuttiness Test, so you can check your own fitness for the new futuristic world of space travel.

* "Unlimited" refers to unlimited possibilities!

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