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You often see the word URBAN used in a fashion context, but what IS Urban? Whereas "rustic" is to do with the country, "urban" is to do with the city. The more built-up an area is, the more urban it is, so after a while outlying districts of a city became known as sub-urban, or suburban, hence suburbs.

Some shops which are supposed to be Urban Fashion sell clothes which are in effect "casual style clothes of the 1990s", while some are more radical. So you can see whether this idea is true to a lesser or greater extent, here are a few "Urban" places...

Urban Shop - urban wear and hip hop clothes

Urban Surfer - some urban brands, but also in with the skate and surf genre

Urban Social - dating in the City

Urban Retro - fashion, art, and vinyl toys

Urban Alfa - not Alfa Romeo!

New Urban - with a speciality of stylish Trilby hats

Chemical UK - urban chemistry

Urban Garden - space is at a premium in the urban garden

Urban Excess - excessive urbanness!

Urban Allotments - gardening!

iConsume - gifts and more!

Blue Inc - urban fashion and more!

Urban Excess USA - urban excessiveness in the US!

Street Gadgets - urban gadgets!

Urban Plaza - plaza of urbaness!

Urban Cove - Indie, Urban and Rock clothing!

Urban Eclectic - Best selection of current trends out there!

Urban Celebrity - Urban fashion forward!

Urbanity Store - yes, that's streetwear clothing of the Urban style

Urban Outfitters - outfitters whose speciality is the Urban style

Urban Adventures - could be exciting!

Bench - a famous name in Urban Fashion

Magic Streetwear - Streetwear and Urban Fashion

Jabba-Wocky Clothing - independent urban streetwear labels

Phat Farm - urban wear for multicultural youth

Rocawear - hip hop / urban

Enyce - urban style fashion

Yukka - urban streetwear

Extreme Direct - riding, skating, and urban!

Urban Posters USA - urban images to go with your urban lifestyle

White Stuff - extreme sports, and urban

Ducti - UK distribution for Urban Access

Garden Bird - helping to save feathered creatures which have become more urban

Nycewheels - purveyors of bicycles, the recommended vehicle of the urban environment

Urban Legends - a fashionable name for Modern Folklore.

Urban Sprawl - a semi-poetical term to describe the way cities tend to spread.

Urban Foxes - these are Foxes whose cunning has got them living in cities and towns (where you just don't see horses and hounds chasing through the streets).

Urban Spaceman - a song by the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band.

There it is then, the set of urban pages connected together. Of course there are urban locations which are mentioned at this site too, for example London, New York, Birmingham, Manchester, etc.