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The Urban Shop

Get the latest styles of Urban Wear, Hip Hop clothing and Street Wear at The Urban Shop. What price would you pay to look ultra cool?

The Urban Shop:

"What's new in the world of men's street wear, hip hop and urban clothing?

Look no further check out The Urban Times, all the latest and your old favourites.

We've even put together a few pages on hip hop history, streetwear and skateboard clothing trends but we don't tell you what to wear, we believe and live in mash culture and the mixing and blending of urban clothing styles, looks and fashions to create something new.

As hip hop legend Afrika Bambaataa once said 'we may be hip hop heads but start looking through our vinyl collections and you'll find other types of music' and it's the same with the clothes in our wardrobes.

Sometimes, for work, we may have to wear other clothes and we can even help with smarter looking apparel but still from core urban clothing and street wear companies that will give that look and have that little edge.

Check out The Urban Shop Clothes Auctions and which hip hop brands, urban clothing and street wear brands are selling fast on Today's Top Sellers".

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The Urban Shop

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