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Jabba-Wocky Clothing

"Jabba-wocky Clothing sells independent Urban Streetwear labels, stocking smart, casual, retro new and used clothing for men and women. Jabba-Wocky Clothing offers a huge selection from growing labels: Motel, with boob-tubes, halter necks, denim and casual tees and Zen, trousers, skirts and shirts. We have recently taken on new labels Lazy Oaf and Kronk, fitting out both men and women. With new stock arriving weekly you can always find the old favourites, Emily Strange and Golddigga for the girls and 77 and Spunky for the guys. Or you could just accessorise with a trucker cap, beanie, belt or bag".

THE LINK WAS HERE TO GO TO THE PLACE! Sadly, they've gone but they might be back soon!! There are plenty more companies though in our Skate and Surf page or you might find something in our fashion page.

Later the place became Urbanity Store, but that affiliate program has also gone. However, there are other Jewellery and Surf/Skate places, as well as fashion here.

http://www.jabba-wocky.com/ affiliate program was with Affiliate Future. Hooker Magazine is sometimes available with online orders.