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Here's what the people at the company themselves have to say: "Today, America has become an extraordinarily mobile society in which individuals tend to move every five to six years. People-Finder.com finds people fast through a comprehensive search of over 3.5 billion public records. We have located thousands of people for customers in over 35 countries around the globe - from missing relatives, to old war buddies and lost loves. Unlike other online people locators, we guarantee results! Our site has been featured in the New York Times, Yahoo! Internet Life, NBC, Danish Television One, Swedish Television, and others." - you can't say fairer than that. They GUARANTEE RESULTS. I presume that means that if they don't find the person you're searching for, they don't charge.

This is about where the affiliate link was, but it seems to have gone. Let's hope it comes back. In the meantime, you are welcome to try the URL or look at other Tracers, and if you find out what happened to PeopleFinder's affiliate program, please let me know!

People Finder / People-Finder.com affiliate program was via Commission Junction