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Miles 4 Sale frequent flyer

Miles 4 Sale
Where you can buy those additional frequent flyer miles!

"Miles4Sale.com is the place to buy the additional frequent flyer miles you need to get that free airline ticket or upgrade. Purchase airline miles for yourself or as a gift. Participating airlines include American and Delta. All purchases are 100% legal and are deposited directly into your or your recipient's account. Thousands of customers have found Miles4Sale.com a fast, convenient and economical way to get the most out of their frequent flyer programs.

Unlock the value in all your frequent flyer accounts and buy the miles you need to get your free ticket or upgrade.

Thousands of customers have discovered that buying miles actually saves them a lot of money and allows them use their miles when and where they want...no waiting required!

Many people have more than one frequent flyer account.

Miles4sale.com lets you turn any of your accounts into award tickets at a fraction of the cost.

Want to upgrade into first or business class? It's simple! Just buy the miles you need; you’ll be surprised at how much you save.

The process is simple...

Click on the "buy miles" or "send miles as a gift" buttons

Fill in the required fields including choice of airline, number of miles and your frequent flyer account number

Complete your purchase and you’ll instantly receive an e-mail confirmation and your miles are deposited directly into your account

Enjoy your travel award!

Miles4Sale.com is the only authorized independent site where you can purchase frequent flyer miles under full sanction of the American Airlines AAdvantage® and Delta Airlines SkyMiles® programs".

Miles 4 Sale frequent flyerSo there you have it, a convenient way of buying those extra frequent-flyer miles that you need to get the ticket you want.

If you have been tempted by this, here WAS the link:

The Link here to go to Miles 4 Sale

http://www.miles4sale.com affiliate program WAS with Commission Junction but has since gone. This page has had to be bunged up. It's unlikely ever to come back, as the domain has been hijacked by cybersquatters. Shame! However, there are other airlines and airport-related items at this site.