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The Net of Connections

Zyra.net is part of the Clique of sites which link to each other. Upon discovering that Zyra.net had almost no rating at Alexa, something had to be done. Although some of the sites in this group did quite well, Zyra.net didn't do as well asLink to Zyra.org.uk the main site Zyra.org.uk despite having links to such places as The New York Times and The Financial Times. So, the different webspaces of Zyra were linked together to make sure they all linked to each other!

As linking is very popular, it seems right to make quite sure that all of the domains link to ALL of the others in the club. So, here's a list of all those which are included:

Zyra's main website front page.

Xyroth Enterprises - Plenty of cultural and scientific content, as well as being a new affiliate business worthy of your support.
Xyroth Enterprises


The Private Enterprise Space Company Unlimited
Private Enterprise Space Company Unlimited


Some more odd goings on at Zyra's set of sites

The Alternative Name Registration at last gets its own domain!
Real Linux

A site devoted to the philosophicals of PESCU

Zyra.me.uk and co.uk

Real Linux.co.uk
Let's avoid the bad examples of Microsoft. Let's not be tempted to mimic bad practice. Although many distributions of Linux exist, wouldn't it be good if you could get a REAL LINUX?!
Perceptions Forum

Zyra.org (.UK?) - Yes, it's actually Zyra.org.uk

Perceptions Forum.org.uk
UK organisation run BY mad people FOR mad people

Business Index

Zyra India

You can book your holiday/vacation with a Space Agency. Space entrepreneurs offer travel deals on Earth and may expand to other destinations later.


And yet to be developed www.pescu.co.uk , www.pescu.org.uk , www.real-linux.org.uk , and a few other Real Linux domains.

Plus a few other Xyroth sites Xyroth.net, .com, .org, .co.uk, and .org.uk

Xyroth Enterprises domains .net, .com, .org, .co.uk, and .org.uk - The main site being www.xyroth-enterprises.co.uk

and variants without the dash .net, .com, .org, .co.uk, and .org.uk

Looks like September 16th 2003 was a good day for being an affiliate of 123-reg :-)

Other extra items that have been added to give the site some more bandwidth: Zyra.info and Zyra.biz plus Zyra.bz in Belize.

Plus Zyra Europe - the European connections within Zyra's website, including .AT.

Link to Zyra.org.ukWell we'll see how this "experiment in web interconnectivity" goes. Considering how poor some placement on "Certs and Gins" has been at some time, it's hardly surprising we've had to do something like this. What with the NAFF KEYWORD problem and other really silly things.