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Realtor Deals: "We are a consumer based relocation company that uses our nationwide network of service providers to satisfy the needs of the average consumer who needs to move.Across the United States We focus on real estate services, but do provide all relocation services to the consumer. We are a completely free service to the consumer; our money is made through referral fees we collect from our partners. For each real estate transaction the consumer receives a cash back incentive between $250 and $550 depending on referral fee received".

"The days of driving aimlessly through a neighborhood jotting down realtor names from signs are over. Today, more and more people turn to the internet to assist them with their relocation needs. From finding an agent, to arranging for your physical move, RealtorDeals takes the guesswork out of relocating.Realtor Deals Let RealtorDeals use its nationwide database of brokers, exclusive mortgage partners, and network of moving services providers to meet your every relocation need, all at ABSOLUTELY NO COST TO YOU!"

"RealtorDeals is one of the fastest growing relocation and real estate resources available to the public. For years corporate executives have enjoyed seamless moves, and expert advice from professional relocation companies. Now everyone has access to those same resources. Backed by Mobility Services International, a leading corporate relocation company for 23 years, RealtorDeals has the resources and expertise the public deserves. In addition to all of this, most consumers are eligible for our cash back program. We will give a minimum of $250 cash back to any eligible candidate that completes a real estate transaction through us. Terms and conditions vary by state, so please be sure to check our website for more details".

THIS IS WHERE THE LINK USED TO BE! affiliate program was with Commission Junction for a time, but it's not there now, or at least it wasn't last time I looked! Let's hope they come back. In the meantime, shame though it is, this page is bunged up

Alternatives! How about: For Sale By Owner