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XYTRON Data Recovery Company
All is not lost. Bringing dead data back to life…

Xytron data recovery (a UK based company committed to professional data recovery services and solutions to all storage and backup media) will recover your precious data however it may have failed.

Lost data is only temporary with Xytron as they prove time and again even in the most challenging circumstances data can be recovered, such as:Xytron Spinstand

1. Water damage

A client contacted Xytron last year from Norway. He was very concerned that his family photos were lost forever due to the laptop falling in the Norwegian sea! All was not lost after contacting Xytron and sending the laptop hard drive to our lab 100% of the data was recovered.

2. Heat / fire damage

A lady from the USA on a extended sabbatical to the UK contacted Xytron. Her hard drive had failed. After taking it to her place of employment the hard drive spontaneously combusted in front of her eyes as the technician switched it on! Xytron recovered 100% of the data which contained a final3 year thesis.

3. Physical damage

A professional wedding photographer from the UK dropped the media which contained photos from several recent weddings - Xytron data recoveryirreplaceable data to the client, and Xytron recovered 100% of the data.

Coffee to go… A restaurateur enquired if coffee could be cleaned from his laptop, after disclosing that while doing some early morning accounts with his notebook computer he dropped his cup of coffee on the laptop, after panicking and removing the hard drive ‘just to have a look’ he sent it in for diagnosis, to his relief all data was recovered including personal family photos, he now prefers decaf!

Established in 2004 Xytron boasts state of the art clean room facility to class 10 environment thus enabling engineers to perform microsurgery on 1.8” media and smaller and very strict control protocol to security and client confidentiality you know your data is in safe competent hands.Xytron data recovery

Data recovery is a science and requires a unique methodology to perform complex retrieval of data to damaged hard drive media, engineers have special skills and equipment to undertake this specialised work as magnetic storage media or hard drive or disks are unique! Yes all hard drives are calibrated at their point of manufacture to compensate for thermal issues and map any sectors or areas of the drive which are unstable or non operable.

What to do if you suspect failure of your media:

Xytron coffee laptop driveIt is imperative that the hard drive is not spinning for any longer than necessary and that you immediately shutdown your computer to avoid further damage to the hard disk.

Remove the media and contact Xytron who will be very pleased to assist you with your recovery our no data no fee guarantee allows you to decide what files you require before committing yourself, and in the unlikely event of unrecoverable data you pay nothing. When you contact Xytron either by phone or email please specify Xytron data recoverythat you have found us through Zyra, this will enable you to receive a free upgrade to priority service, (2-3 days) and further discounts on the fee for your recovery, and with prices starting at £195 + VAT for any size hard drive this offers amazing value backed by a professional service.

Go visit their site now, here is the link it is worth visiting their clients page this shows a brief list of the sectors and clients they have helped from end users to large worldwide companies.

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As promised: ... Western Digital portable USB drive and Trust uninterruptible power supply!

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I suffered a data loss in 2008 and I sent my disc drive off to Xytron to be recovered. So now, here is a Customer Testimonial about what happened. See, there is hope yet for your data!