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Palmer Data Recovery - the data rescuersPalmer Data Recovery

If your computer has gone wrong and it looks like you have lost your data, don't despair! Chances are, Palmer Data Recovery can get the data back for you. Palmer Data Recovery are specialists in salvaging lost data. You know, like the people who salvage ships that have sunk to the bottom of the sea, except with stuff lost in the hidden depths of your computer. Don't despair - Palmer Data recovery can recover your dataJust because the computer says it's no longer there, it doesn't mean it's truly "lost". It's just no longer visible "on the surface".

Despair and panic on finding your work has vanished, is a disturbingly common phenomenon. A kind of hopeless gloom sets in if you're not careful, so, before you call The Samaritans, get in touch with Palmer Data and see what can be done. ... And don't do anything else to your computer first. It's easier to get things back if it's not stirred up in there.

OK, you can visit Palmer Data now, and don't forget to mention ZYRA put the word in. Or, have a read about this history of the Palmer Data Recovery company to take your mind off the problem first...

"Palmer Data Recovery was established in 2006, by the former, UK Managing Director and five other employees of the world's biggest data recovery companyPalmer Data Recovery - the data rescuers. At all levels through the company, we have a vast amount of experience that will ensure that your data is in safe hands. Our mission is to provide a high quality service at better value than our competitors.Don't despair - Palmer Data recovery can recover your data

Palmer Data Recovery’s offices are based on the outskirts of London, in Kingston-upon-Thames. This location gives us superb communication links to the motorway and rail networks and to the major London airports.

Computer Repair

Palmer Data Recovery provides a service that focuses almost entirely upon giving you access to your lost data. Computer equipment can be replaced. Data often cannot.

In some circumstances it is necessary to repair damaged computer equipment to allow the data recovery, but a repair is not the main objective of our service.Don't despair - Palmer Data recovery can recover your data

If the computer hardware was undamaged, and the data loss was caused by a software or data corruption, then you will be informed in the data recovery report. It is possible in those circumstances that you will not have to replace the computer equipment concerned.

If however the lost data is contained on damaged hardware then it is likely that the equipment will need to be replaced. The data is returned on new media, so that it can be easily loaded onto a new or replacement system.

If you don’t have an IT Maintenance supplier, we can even restore your data to a new system for a small additional charge so that you are ready to go, when the new system is returned to you".

Never mind the computer! Get the DATA back!

Also worth knowing: It's a No Win / No Fee offer. i.e. You only pay if Palmer Data Recovery can actually recover your data! ZYRA has put the good word inAlso, these are reliable and professional people whose personal touch is that of a small and flexible business. I'm happy about them, and they're on my site!

When you get through to the helpful and sympathetic people at Palmer Data Recovery, they'll ask you where you heard about them. Question: "how did you hear about us?" Answer: ZYRA

So, take it calmly, and good luck! Here is your chance to get your data back without it being too expensive:You saw this at ZYRA's websiteYou saw this at ZYRA's website

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Happy Anniversary to Palmer Data Recovery!