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Tail was Digitally Added to Tailless Cat!

Ken, managing director of VANISH CLEANING is working on his computer and the cat has arrived to help.

The cat has no tail, a disability which does not affect the cat's performance as the company mouse-catcher (senior managerial rodent control executive).


In the second picture, the art of digital photographic alteration has been used to add a tail to the cat.


To those who might criticise the conjurer and say "naa, you've taken a picture of a cat and then used digital photography to take the tail off it!", let me assure you it is a genuine tailless cat, plus, if the tail really had been taken OFF the cat, it must be an expert job to repaint where the tail had been.

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Although this is a tailless cat, it's not a Manx Cat. Manx cats, from the Isle of Man (a tax haven), are genetically without tails.