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Surprised-Looking CatSurprised-Looking Cat

A Cat which looks astonished, surprised, and curious about what has just been seen!

It's nice to be able to get some wildlife photography, and when you've got a garden as wild as I have, the domestic cats go stalking around imagining they are tigers in the jungle.

The thing is though, a cat can look so surprised upon having a Close Encounter! Look at how surprised this cat looks! The cat was just having a peer around the edge of that Vovlo 343DL Variomatic continuously-variable gearbox that's waiting there in the hopes someone's going to want to buy it, and suddenly the cat saw... it was on camera!

What a surprise?! To find someone in the garden! The cat probably thought it was a completelyCamouflaged Surprised-Looking Cat wild and abandoned piece of wilderness, and then suddenly there's someone pointing a camera at the cat. The camera, a FujiFilm Finepix, makes an ultrasonic whining sound which cats and dogs find very curious.

Now here's a version of the picture which shows how well camouflaged a tabby cat is, well if you can't see colour clearly, the cat is very well camouflaged. The light and dark of the fur make it blend in with the background. I wonder how many of its prey items can't see in colour. Could make a difference.

Anyway, this is obviously someone's pet cat which gets on well with folk. It's just surprised to see anyone in a garden than was thought to be wild.

Here's a larger version of the picture so you can see the expression better...

Surprised-Looking Cat

This picture is one of a set from the Pictures of Cats featured at Zyra's website. Well worth a look around.

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Update: Now that I have emigrated from the UK to Panama, I have an even wilder garden (four acres of tropical jungle). I'm a little bit more cautious of finding surprised-looking cats, as I think they may be slightly bigger here.