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How to HIDE your Mobile Phone Number
You can have your mobile phone number WITHHELD when making calls to people from whom you'd rather keep it a secret.

When you're making a phone call, you might not want to reveal your phone number to the person on the other end. Keeping your phone number secret is something you can do. You can hide your number selectively, so that only your chosen circle of close friends know your secret phone number, whereas other people are kept in the dark about it.

How to Hide your Phone Number:

On a UK land-line, you put 141 before dialling the number.

On a UK mobile phone, on some phones, 141 before the number also works.

However, it does not work on ALL mobile phones. On some, you should use #31# instead. Also, on some other UK mobile phones, there is a special call option "HIDE NUMBER" in one of the many menus and options which can be a bit fiddly at times.

On some snazzy mobile phones, you can choose the people who are allowed to know your phone number, and those from whom to keep your number secret.

The situation may be quite different for phones in various parts of the world. This page was created mainly as an answer to a question about How to Hide your phone number when calling from a UK Mobile Phone.

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