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Dart Board on a Door?

Surely having a Dartboard fitted to a Door is an obvious safety risk?! An accident waiting to happen.

On TV and in the movies, on numerous shows and films, especially sitcoms, you see someone's room and there's a dart board mounted on a door! It is surprisingly common.

I used to think it was some sort of movie-makers' in-house joke, because surely no-one would be so stupid as to fit a dartboard on a door! Any grain of commonsense would tell the person doing the fitting, that there is a serious risk that at some time someone will suddenly surprise you by opening the door and be unfortunate enough to be hit by a dart in mid-flight and then it'll be an emergency call.

"So, tell me..." asks the doctor, "how did your friend get to have a dart impaled in their face?". Trying to explain that you've seen a lot of sitcoms where traditionally dartboards were fitted to doors, isn't going to help much to excuse the predicament!

Admittedly in a cartoon it would be funny, but then again, cartoon characters are much more resilient and can almost immediately recover from injuries which would be fatal to physical world folks who are made of flesh and blood.

Being practical about it, if you are going to fit a dartboard in your house, it needs to be somewhere where the flightpath of the dart is never going to be through any occupied space, and also such that if you miss the board (which will happen; even professional darts players sometimes miss the board or have a dart bounce off the wire), then the wayward off-track dart will only cause limited damage. It's usual to fit a large piece of soft wood behind the board and on the floor in front of the board, so that holes aren't in the wallplaster and/or floorboards. A further air traffic control idea is to avoid having any fishtanks anywhere in range. Expensive vases are also worth considering.

These things are just commonsense really!

So anyway, why are there so many instances in comedy, in movies, in sitcom, and in a variety of drama on the TV, where you can see someone's apartment with a dart board fixed to a door which other members of the cast often go through? Well, for a start, in performances on screen, all the action is scripted, so there's no unexpected event such as someone opening the door when someone else is playing darts. Also, it may be a matter of set design. It might be that the walls are made of cardboard, so it wouldn't be practical to hang the dartboard on the walls, so it just has to go on the solid door, so it can be neatly packed away after the show. Another thought is that there exists a product consisting of a dart board hanger for hanging a dartboard on a door, and the manufacturers have cunningly arranged product-placements in movie sets so as to make the gullible public think it's somehow acceptable.

Of course you could have a dartboard on a door safely, if there was a safety interlock. If the door could be locked and a light lit up and then you only had flight clearance to play darts if the interlock light was on, then that would solve it! However, such mechanisms are never seen in these sitcoms, and it's as if no-one's even thought about it.

If you are seeing dartboards on doors in television shows, how about writing to the producers? You don't have to make it a complaint, but you could write a serious letter saying something like "Dear Producers of the show. I've noticed that in your show you have a dartboard on a door, and I wonder if you would advise me: I'm planning on fitting a dart board to a door and I wonder if you would be prepared to assert that such a practice is safe and than no-one is likely to be injured", etc. Well, it's my guess that you'll probably get a reply from their lawyers saying something like "Our clients can not take any liability for any person impaled on any dart or other sharp object, or any other serious injury, disfigurement, or death, as a result of the placement of dart boards influenced by our set design". But then, on some of the next episodes after a few months you might find their dartboard has been moved to somewhere more sensible!

Summary of the issues of the page:

* Fit your dartboard somewhere sensible, not on a door!

* Set-designers of entertaining shows should consider avoiding setting bad examples.

* Long before there was any such thing as "health and safety" there was a far superior system, known as having some commonsense!

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