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Technical Support

Here are a few websites where knowledge about technical matters and answers to technical problems are expressed, discussed, and sometimes even solved!

www.faqs.org - Frequently Asked Questions website - loads of stuff!

www.cdrfaq.org - CD-R explored and explained in detail

www.dvdrhelp.com - DVD-R specialist advice

X10 Wireless Technology Tech Support - wireless gadget and home automation technical support

Well Done to Dyson for having a technical support line to help customers with their vacuums.

Also, many ISPs have their own technical department where the experts can be quizzed on various technical matters. This is usually free and available online, but not always.

123-Reg the domain company now (2012) have a technical support line at UK local rate.

It's also worth knowing that choosing where to buy a computer from is important. If the place you buy from is helpful and knowledgeable (see notes on proper computer shops) then it's better than if the place is just selling "cheaper" or has good advertising or just looks ok.

With LINUX, technical support is especially important, as it's an operating system based on knowledge rather than ignorance. However, problems are generally solvable rather than generally unsolvable, and knowledge learnt (from technical support sources around) is worth knowing as it's still good long-term.