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X10 Wireless Technology SUPPORT FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions with answers about X10 Wireless Technology. These General Support FAQs are answered by X10 Wireless Technology in their own words. If you would like to ask more, please don't ask me! Ask X10 yourself via the link at the end of this page!X10 Home Solutions

X10 General Support FAQs:

How do I place an order with X10?

To place an order with X10, simply visit the X10 Wireless Technology dedicated affiliate page, follow through the links, and put in an order online!

Who is X10?

X10 Wireless Technology, Inc. designs, engineers, markets and sells easy-to-use affordable products to make everyday life safer, more convenient and more fun. Over the last 30 years, X10 has developed and sold millions of units, not only under the X10 brand name but also as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for major consumer electronic companies such as IBM, Phillips, Magnavox and Radio Shack.

X10 Wireless Technology, Inc. is more than just the leading supplier of home automation, home security and home entertainment products. Our mission is to design, develop and market quality home products and services at affordable prices that make our customers' lives better.X10 Home Solutions

Do you guarantee your products?

X10 stands behind all of the products we manufacture. We’re so confident that you’ll enjoy your X10 products that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all items no questions asked! In addition, all X10 products are backed with a free one year warranty.

What if I have questions or need assistance?

At X10, we are committed to helping you! We have Tech Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.X10 Home Solutions

How much is shipping?

We offer free standard shipping in the United States on all orders $49.99 USD and over. For our friends to the north in Canada, you pay only $10 USD standard shipping on all orders over $49.99 USD.

Do you offer rush shipping?

Yes! Need your order in a hurry? We have shipping options available for you, just ask when you place you order and we’ll be happy to find the one that works for you!X10 Home Solutions


To put in an order to X10 Technology, please go via this dedicated page, which helps to keep us in business.