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In the business of AFFILIATE MARKETING, if you own a website you can make money by linking to other companies. What is going on at Affiliate Rocket is something perhaps more advanced? Take a look and see what YOU think. Besides, I get paid if you link from here!

I'll let Affiliate Rocket explain what they are offering by quoting their own text: "AffiliateRocket banners and text links are guaranteed to make you Money! Send your site visitors to our site and every sale of one of our engines earns you great commissions. You will earn a 10%commission for each AffiliateRocket engine license that you sell. Do you participate in affiliate programs? Want to increase your earnings from these programs? AffiliateRocket is THE answer for webmasters interested in boosting their income from affiliate programs. Our system provides website owners with a slick, real-time pricing agent that seamlessly integrates the site owners' affiliate ID codes, thus ensuring them of earning a commission on any sale from any merchant! So we want you to not only participate in our affiliate program and promote our awesome products, but we think you would love to license one of our AffiliateRocket products to boost your own affiliate commissions. Have questions? Contact us at cj@affiliaterocket.com"

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Problems! This has been suspended by Commission Junction. We've tried e-mailing to sort it out, but it BOUNCES! So, let's give up on this and look at the Zyra's Affiliate Marketing Page instead!