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...or at least there wasn't after Apple decided to cease having Zyra's website on their affiliate program (2006/07/27). Prior to that we had been promoting Apple Store quite well, with a nice page advertising the place.

It is Apple's own choice who they have as affiliates. According to our friends at the affiliate marketing company, Apple's decision to cross us off the list after three months was based on the fact that Zyra's website makes comment about companies (yes, that's freedom of speech) and also because you can get drug paraphernalia via some of the links at this site. Of course that's your own free choice, and as Zyra's website has thousands of pages and is about ALMOST EVERYTHING you should expect to find a diverse range of tastes catered for here. Vegetarians may find their restaurants in the Yellow Pages which also has a category for purveyors of meat, Butchers.

Meanwhile, if you've come here looking for Apple Store, don't be disappointed! You can visit other affiliates who have dedicated pages for Apple Store, for example and

Also, as a matter of public information, the URL of Apple Store is: , and other suppliers of computers are available. Other operating systems are also available as the continuing evolution of computers goes on (that page also links to other Apple Mac resources).

Apple computers are also available at this site via Mac Mall and Club Mac who are still happy to be included here.

Apple is, as well as a fruit, a famous name in computers, a record label, New York, etc.

The famous Apple logo has a curious history to it related to the martyrdom of Alan Turing, a legendary figure in the founding of computer science.

It is hoped that some time Apple with resume being on the page of Famous Names at this site, and that the page about Apple Store will be updated.