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Picture of an Iguana
a Reptile with a Long Tail, a long-tailed tropical lizard

It's a very curious looking creature, and has various ways of defending itself, which you can see in the iguana story. Look at the length of the tail on that iguana! To see the larger version of the picture you might have to scroll around this way> depending on the resolution of your monitor.


Unless you've got a very big monitor*, you'll have to scroll round >>> that way in order to see the PROFILE of the lizard's head, rather than just its tail.

No, it's not a Monitor Lizard, it's an Iguana!

It's also not a picture of the Queen Mother. The amount of evidence that the Queen Mother was a reptile of any sort is now looking very shaky, and also the world is not likely to end in 2012, or the Poles Going to Flip so soon. So, Happy Xmas 2012, and Happy New Year 2013.