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Italian designer fashion accessories

"Forzieri.com is based in Florence, Italy and this gives us the ability of being constantly up to date regarding the best of the best the Italian market has to offer in the fashion accessory industry. For the past years, we've been establishing strategic partnerships with the most renowned local artisans as well as the internationally recognized firms and their most reputable distributors to bring you a unique and extensive selection at the best possible value.

We at Forzieri.com recognized that, aside from the worldwide renowned Italian Designers, which we also offer, Italy has a huge offering coming from small to medium size manufacturers who are on the leading edge for style uniqueness and unmatchable quality. (In case you don't know this, many of such manufacturers are the same ones producing for those famous designers everybody goes crazy for)

We decided the World could not miss all this extraordinary offering and now Forzieri.com is positioned in the global market as the #1 Italian Accessories online resource. Most of the product collections we feature on our site are not even available outside of Italy and, in those cases that are, they're sold for significantly higher prices and in much smaller selections.

The Forzieri.com Product Selection Team is always striving to discover the most unique pieces to offer our refined and exacting clientele at the best possible value.

We've been working in the fashion industry for more than 8 years and by establishing preferential relationships with the big fashion houses we've built the capability to always know in advance what people will ask for. This is to ensure that what you see on our site has been carefully selected to meet the latest fashion trends.

Forzieri.com product selection is constantly growing - come and visit us often for the latest arrivals".

Update! To find out more...

Link here to visit FORZIERI USA!

Link here to visit FORZIERI UK!

http://www.eu.forzieri.com/usa/?l=usa&c=gbr affiliate program was with Affiliate Window. However, as well as being part of the Fashion Accessories page, Forzieri at LinkShare has two online outlets, one in the USA and one in the UK. As Zyra's website is international, we hope to promote both of these at least.